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10 Responses to About

  1. Wendy Grell says:

    Many thanks for youir blog.
    How do I tell my parents? I had surgery for paten ductus arteriosis in 1964, at 14 months
    how can I get DAMAGES? DiAGNOESED WITH MS and considering ensive

    • ltinnin says:

      Thanks for your comment, Wendy. I gather that you hesitate to talk with your parents about the possible consequences of your surgery for patent ductus arteriosis during infancy. I would suggest that you invite them to read the blog and you can discuss with them your symptoms that might relate to the surgery.

      I have no experience with anyone receiving compensation for the trauma of surgery during infancy and I have seen no evidence linking multiple sclerosis with trauma. I hope others will comment about this.

  2. Wendy Grell says:

    Thanks for your reply. Is this Dr Itinnnin I am writing to?
    I seek others with my condition, can you help?

  3. Wendy Grell says:

    Have other people had really bad health when receiving infant surgery without anesthesia?

  4. Vic Jones says:

    You seem to live life from the peripheral at a subconscious baseline state plus with the added bonus of most of mental “dis-eases” (a body/mind not at ease) – STRESS.

    • ltinnin says:

      Vic, I don’t understand your message.

      Lou Tinnin

      • Vic says:

        I appologise for my inner self ramblings and late responce, Please let me help you see what I mean. I have a condition called amblyopia (lazy eyes) and without corrective measures (glasses, contact lenses) my eyes do not focus on the world or objects – I see the world through peripheral vision. I also had a Pyloric Stenosis (1973) surgery when I was six weeks old which I am almost certain from you work specifically but others too that my (internal) nightmare life is due this surgery. I have studied many mental dis-eases over the years to try and pinpoint my fault and fix it and after being perscribed as clinically depressed I also discovered that I could fit in to many other mental disfunction conditions (DSM!!!) which I now know are only symptoms of my subconscious (Traumatized) baseline state of self. These wide range of symptoms are varied and are put into the pot of who I am or, the best I have learned to be but they all seem to be rhythmic in nature and frequency. My lazy eye condition (sense of the world) parallels my actual reality, I live life from the peripheral with no focus, I live in my thoughts. This seems to be a fractal of my life or as the most ancient of traditions state “that which is above is like to that which is below” or in recent scientific studies the connection between the Mind and Body. I have no evidence for this but it is one feeling (of very few) of which I can honestly say means something to me (recently started to focus on a candle flame to draw my foucs in). All of my life I have been searching for the underlying cause/condition/reaction/fault/fix/peace because I know from the age of eighteen (diagnosed with clinical depression) that there was more to it, something much more deeper that was permiating every atom in my body and to be honest even into the ebb and flow of the spiritual realm, minus the religion (non religious, not christened) although I have studied many. If there was a “focul point” to my many years of research, Your blog on “The Silent Scream” is that; even down to the exact surgery. It feels like something magikal has taken place in my life (curse or gift) because I have never ever questioned (up until last year, Waking the Tiger- P. A. Levine) that it could have been the surgery when I was an infant of which I have no memory. I have looked at many topics to “fix” my-SELF (psychology, physiology, health/fitness, biology, quantum physics, consciousness studies, physics, law, social structure, occult/esoteric sciences, astronomy, astrology, history, conspiracies etc)over the years to find those couple of pages of yours which I have wrote in my diary as “My Elixir of Life, or the waypoint to it”. You have given me hope and the final periscope to see the world I can hopefully “start to live” in. I came out of hightschool with no exam results and a low level of education but something has directed, pushed and pulled me and showed me the light and focus to aim for (consciously or subconsciously). May I take this oppertunity to thank you Mr Tinnin most sincerely and gratefully for your work but mostly for your intuition, understanding and your gift.

        I have looked at the ITT website and it too hits the nail on the head.

        Well done

        Vic Jones

      • ltinnin says:

        Thank you, Vic, for giving me a second chance to understand. Your comment moved me deeply. I would bet that your internal nightmare life is a direct consequence of that dreadful preverbal surgical trauma. That one hour of your life at six-weeks-old is the unchanged core of the trauma burden you now carry. If you could repair that unconscious memory you would be unburdened and you could rescue that inner six-week-old and nurture him as only you know how.

        I don’t know about trauma therapists in the UK. I do know of one in the Netherlands it that is in reach to you, Agnes VanMinnen, .a.vanminnen@gmail.com

        Good luck,

        Lou Tinnin

  5. Vic Jones says:

    Your work has had great impact on me for a whole wealth of various reasons but mainly because you have made me real-ize I have found the only person in my whole life that has ever had any idea of why I am the way I am, and through some kind of unknown force I have found the only person in the whole world who has fully explained, WHY ME? This is the question as a teenager I used to shout up to the sky, the stars, the universe and anybody listening up there in the pouring rain to hide my screams. I felt so alone and confused, but you are proof to me that I am no longer alone and there is someone who knows me (the bigger picture). Much of my confusion is due to “not knowing” = stress, and so the confusion is not as pronounced at the moment (I hope it stays like this). So, all I feel I need to do is to work on what you said “Repair that unconscious memory” which I will fully research, focus on and implement as much as I can my-self. Thank you for the contact in Netherland I will hopefully be able to arrange an appointment at some time but for the present I will take great pleasure (for real) in giving 100% into repairing my own unconscious memory. I have come this far my-self, I figured that I may as well do my best to finish it to claim all parts of me back and be balanced and whole. And then this hopefully will give me my life force back and I can “live” the next 40 years, born again.

    Thanks again Mr Tinnin, for my second chance.

    Vic Jones

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